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Client Testimonials

Annexa is proud to feature some of our customer's comments.  We feel these real life stories will help you see the value of quality Hosting, Website Design and Search Engine Optimization.  Call or email us anytime to obtain similar results for your business.

CNC Services

We were fortunate to have a long time relationship with Jim and his family.  About three years ago we designed a simple website with direct email addresses for the business.  In 2005 Jim decided to expand the website with a goal of new business and improved support for his customers.  In a recent email Jim writes:

Hi Dave!

Patty and I cannot thank you enough for providing the website development and hosting services.  Thank you for your participation in the development.  It is a rare supplier that openly debates various options without either being a Yes man or an antagonist.  Your balanced discussions with me made me think hard but left me free to make up my own mind.  Thank you.  

I don't know if 3 days passed after the website was completed when I realized it should have been done long before.  It has provided a legitimacy to the business probably very similar to having a phone when they were first available to the general public.  It has saved many hours of discussion by being able to refer customer's to the website for information.  I have only received compliments on it.  I think it would be helpful to add more pictures on all the pages but time enough for that.  It is up and working and it has helped tremendously.

Have a good day!

Jim Fleig


Integrated Power Systems International:

IPSI provides small to large scale Power Backup Systems worldwide.  A critical need was 24 hour availability of catalog information for the diverse audience in all time zones.  John was so pleased with the results of his website that he even helped us make our television commercial

Note: The website has been redesigned by another company


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