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Our Guarantee

Hosting with includes our no-questions-asked, 30 day, money back guarantee.  This means exactly what it says.  If you sign up for a new account, you may cancel it in the first 30 days for a full refund of your hosting fees. 

This guarantee applies to hosting fees only, not to amounts owed to third parties.  For example, fees paid by Annexa on your behalf, such as Domain Registration, Program Installation or for a Secure Certificate are non-refundable.  This guarantee does not apply if you violate our Terms Of Service

Notification to us of your cancellation must be sent from the email account we have on file for your protection.   We can not verify your identity by telephone.  Please refer to your domain name in any correspondence with us.

Uptime Guarantee

If you are evaluating new hosting options and uptime claims, consider the table below.  Our national average is better than 99.5% uptime.  However, we include normal maintenance and software updates in our calculation.

The table shows uptime calculated as a number of minutes / hours / days of outage.  The last column labeled reality, is our opinion of claims made for uptime.   For example, 99.999% Uptime sounds good, but can only be achieved in special circumstances (similar to the Zero Downtime Option).

Uptime calculation
Uptime Outage in Minutes Outage in Hours Outage in Days Reality
100.000% 0.0 0.00 0.00 Impossible
99.999% 5.3 0.09 0.00 Very Unlikely
99.99% 26.3 0.44 0.02 Unlikely
99.9% 525.6 8.76 0.36 Very Good
99.5% 2628.0 43.80 1.83 Average
99% 5256.0 87.60 3.65 Poor

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